Newport Art Gallery

Inn at Castle Hill 2013

"Castle Hill Inn 2013"

"New Era Art Fusions"
A mixture of traditional mediums like oils and acrylics with the evolving art technology.

Paul Silva Gallery Home

"Bowen's Wharf Lunch"

"Perfect Day"


Brick Alley2017

"New Era Brick Alley"


"Afternoon Stroll"

"Bike Night"

"Rum Runner II"


"Castle Hill Wedding Chapel"

"Spring Street Bicycle"

Motoring Home

"Under the Pell Bridge"

"Motoring Home"

Delkta Pharmacy Warren RI Safe Harbor

"Delekta Pharmacy"

"Safe Harbor"

"Harbor Fine Art"


"Newport Yacht Club Moonlight"

"Thames Street Tour"

Bell of Thames Street

"The Belly of Thames Street"

"Beach Volley Ball"

"Bannister Nightlife"

"Black Pearl Night Chowder"

"Brick Alley Bicycle"

"Brick Alley Pedicab"

"New England Steamers"

"Newport Lobster Shack"

"Longwharf Moon"

Bowen's Wharf Newport RI Mudville Bar
One Pelham East

Bowen's Wharf

Mudville Bar

One Pelham East

"Touro and Spring"

Flo's Clam Shack

"Flo's Clam Shack"

"Janet Dockside"

Newport Postal Service

"Newport Postal Service"

Astor Mansion Still Life
Banderis at Dockside Wickford
Annie's Restaurant
Sunset Sentinal

Astor Mansion Still Life

Banderis at Dockside Wickford

Annie's Restaurant

"Sunset Sentinel"

Inn at Castle  Hill

"The Inn at Castle Hill"

brick alley pub
Good Time Lime
1st Beach
The Franklin Spa

"Dinner Line"

"Good Time Lime"

"Lifeguard Chair"

"The Franklin Spa"

Cliff Walk at 1st Beach
Officer Club Picnic
Bowens Wharf Slip

"1st Beach at Cliff Walk"

"Naval Academy Picnic"

"Black Pearl Patio"

"The Slips at Bowens Wharf"

Pell Bridge

"Pell Bridge Winter Sunset"

"Harbor Trinity"

"Bannisters Wharf Evening Stroll"

"Brahain on Bannisters"

"So Shoot Me"

"Lunch on Bowens Wharf"



Paul Silva Gallery Home

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NFD Brick Alley Pub

"Newport Fire and Rescue"

"Brick Alley Pub"

"The Candy Store"

Block Island

Block Island Lunch

"Block Island Bicyclists"

"Block Island Lunch"

Block Island Harbor Beach The In at Old Harbor National Inn Block Island RI

"Block Island Harbor Beach"

"The Inn at Old Harbor Block Island"

"The National Inn Block Island"


Thames Street Newport

"Thames Street Convenience"

Thames Street Trolley Newport RI Castle Hill Lighthouse Newport RI

"Thames Street Trolley"

"Castle Hill Lighthouse"

"Newport Harbor Sunset"

Beavertail Lighthouse

"Beavertail Lighthouse"

Ready to Launch Goat Island Lighthouse

"Ready to Launch"

"The British Male"

"Goat Island Lighthouse"

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