Charleston Art Gallery


Paul Silva

Charleston's original Giclee
And Virtual painting
Mixed Media Artist!


"Charleston Blue Crabs"


Charleston Gallery

Folly Beach Gallery

Isles of Palms Gallery

Shem Creek Gallery

Sullivans Island Gallery


"New Era Art"
A mixture of traditional mediums like oils and acrylics with the evolving art technology.

  Pineapple Fountain 123 Tradd Street image

"Children at the Pineapple Fountain"

"123 Tradd Street Horizontal"

Children on the Battery Charleston Battery image Battery Sunrise

Children on the Battery

"The Battery-Bridge and the Cross"

"Battery Sunrise"

SNOB Two Meeting Street Gate


"Charlest5on Rooftops"

Two Meeting Street Gate

The Carriage Step Red Door Simmons Gate S.O.B. Carriage Ride

"Charleston Carriage Step"

"Red Door-Simmons Gate"

"S.O.B. Carriage Ride"


LowCountry Waterway Avenue of Oaks

"Lowcountry Waterway"

"Avenue of Oaks"

Governor's House

"Market Hall"

"Governor's House"

Autumn Carriage Ride 2 Meeting Street Inn Charleston Cru Cafe Charleston SC

"Autumn Carriage Ride"

Two Meeting Street Inn

"Cru Cafe"

Motley Alley

39 Rue de Jean

Spanish Moss of Charleston

Charleston Gas Lamp

Motley Alley


"Kiawah Beach Oaks"

"Miss Paula"

"Kiawah Beach Boardwalk"

VIP Seating Hampton Park Kiawah beach boardwalk

"VIP Seating"

"Hampton Park"

"Kiawah Boardwalk Vertical"


"Poe's Lunch"

Shrimp Bowl sc oyster im

"Shrimp Bowl"

"Sullivans Catboats"

"Oyster Cocktail"

  Charleston Place Charleston Place at Meeting and Market

"Charleston Place"

"Charleston Place at Meeting and Market"

"Cherry Point Oaks"

ALhambra Hall

"Bridge from Alhambra Hall"

"Alhambra Hall Horizontal"

"Alhambra Hall Rutledge Street Charleston SC Charleston Pirate House

"Alhambra Hall Vertical"

"Rutledge Avenue Moss"

"Charleston Pirate House"

William Ailken House

"William Ailken House"

"William Aiken House Interior"

2 South Battery Charleston SC 82 Queen Street Resaurant 1837 Inn Piazza

2 South Battery

82 Queen Street Restaurant

"1837 Inn Piazza"

"Rainbow Row Around Midnight"



"Drayton River Oak"

"Middleton Place Footbridge"

  Middlton Place Ballerina  

"Middleton Place Ballerina"

Charleston Pilot House

"Colonial Lake Cuppolla"

"Charleston Pilot House"

Rainbow Row Sidewalk

"Rainbow Row Sidewalk"

"College of Charleston Porters Lodge"

"Legare Street Gazeebo"

The Citadel  

"Citadel Bird's Eye View"


American Theater
American Theater Early Morning Charleston SC
Andrew Pinckney Inn Charleston SC

The American Theater

American Theater Early AM

Andrew Pinckney Inn


Banks of the Ashley River  

"Cypress Swamp"

"Banks of the Ashley River"


"Live Oaks and Cottages"

Magnolia Plantation

"Magnolia Footbridge"

"Ashley River Oaks"

"Magnolia Front Pasture"

Kiawah Marsh

"Kiawah Marsh"

"Ashley River"

"Magnolia Gardens Horse Pasture"

"Cypress Swamp Cabin"

"Kayak Launch"

  East Bay Meeting Fish Saint Philips Charleston SC

"East Bay Meeting Place"


"Saint Philip's Sunset"

"Gulf Fuel"

"Fuel Lady"


St Michaels Night Church Street Single Rainbow Row Nightboxes

"Saint Michael's Night"

"Church Street Single"

"Rainbow Row Night Walk"

Hominy Grille Palmer House Rainbow Row

"Hominy Grill"

"Palmer House"

"Rainbow Row"

"Star Spangled Banner"

"2nd Sunday"

Charleston County Courthouse

"Charleston County Courthouse"

"Farmers Market Dawn Setup"

"Tolers Cove"

Saint Michaels Church Wentworth Mansion

"Saint Michael's Moonlight"

"Planters Inn"

"Wentworth Mansion"

St John's Interior Taize Chapel 1st Scots Presbyterian"

"Saint John's Confessional"

"Taize Chapel"

"1st Scots Presbyterian"

Three Sisiters alhoun Mansion Trees

"The Three Sisters"

"Calhoun MansionTree Tops"

"Conservatory Path"


"Red Drum Gastropub"

"Capt' Tango"

"View From The Wreck"

"Crosby's Seafood"

"Sunset Cay Marina"

"Shem Creek Fleet at Dusk"

Charleston Blue Crabs by Paul Silva Folly Beach Pier View

Charleston Blue Crabs

"Folly Beach Pier View"

"Boccis Neighborhood"

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"Shem Creek Panorama"

"Pitt Street Palmetto"

"Pitt Street Fountain"

"Summer Days"

Tip of Sullivans Island Kiawah Beach Umbrellas

"Tip of Sullivans Island"

"Kiawah Beach Umbrellas"


Charleston Gallery

Folly Beach Gallery

Isles of Palms Gallery

Shem Creek Gallery

Sullivans Island Gallery



Springtime South Of Broad
Trolley at East Bay and Broad
Ravenal Bridge 4th of July
1837 Inn

Springtime SOB

Trolley at East Bay

Ravenal Bridge 4th

1837 Inn

Seabiscut Angel Oak Tree

"Seabiscuit Cafe"

"Angel Oak"

"Pitt Street Bridge"

Sweetgrass Basket Weaver
Shem Creek Shrimpers

Sweetgrass Basket Weaver

Shem Creek Shrimp Boats

Sermet's Restaurant

Meeting Street Inn
Lucky Brand
Mills House Hotel

Meeting Street Inn

Lucky Brand

Mills House Hotel

123 Tradd Street Charleston Palmetto

"Legare Street Puddle"

"123 Tradd Street"

"Charleston Palmetto"

"Kiawah Reflection"

Charleston battery point
Colonial Lake

Charleston Battery Point

Colonial Lake

Farmers Market Charleston

"Farmers Market Fun"

"Poogans Porch Vertical"

Charleston Plumbago
Magnolia's Restaurant
Kiawah Bicycle Charleston S.O.B. Gate

Charleston Plumbago

Magnolia's Restaurant

Kiawah Bicycle

Charleston S.O.B. Gate

Lower Tradd Street I

"Wentworth Mansion Myrtles"

Lower Tradd Street II

Jenkins Mikell House

"Ansonborough Inn"

"Hasell Street AM"

"I. Jenkins Mikell House"

Oak Steakhouse

"Riviera Theater"

"Oak Steakhouse"

"Shem Creek Shrimpers"

  College of Charleston Porters Lodge   Marsh Harbor

"Charleston College"


"IOP Intercoastal Waterway"

"Marsh Harbor"

"Flickering Gas Lamp"

"Sunset Sentinel"

College of Charleston Cistern
Lowndes Plantation
Pineapple Fountain
White Point Garden

"The Cistern"

"Lowndes Grove Plantation"

"Pineapple Fountain"

"White Point Garden"

Pitt Street Harbor View
Rainbow Row

"Pitt Street Harbor View"

"Church Street Sunrise"

"Rainbow Row and Tradd Street"

"Sullivans Island Skiff"

"Thoreau-fully Middleton"

"Wedding Season"

Jack's Cosmic Dogs"

"Jack's Cosmic Dogs"

"Coleman Art Gallery"


"Ballerina Over Charleston"


Sullivans Island

Sullivans Island From the Pitt Street Bridge

Sanctuary Afternoon Violinist

"Sanctuary Afternoon"


"Sanctuary Ocean Room"

"Ocean Room Gate"

King Street at Dawn

Porters Lodge"

Drayton Hall

"King Street Before Dawn"

"Porters Lodge"

"Sullivans Island Beach Chairs"

"Drayton Hall"

"King & Queen Street Corner"

"King & Queen Street Corner"

"1st Baptist Church"

"Poogan's Porch"


"Garden Wall"

"Middleton Mosquito Squad"

Sottile Shemcreek at dusk Jestines Restaurant

"Sottile Theater"

Shem Creek Dusk

"Jestine's Corner"

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Queen Street Grocery Fleet Landing

"Evening Run"

"Queen street Grocery"

"Fleet Landing and the U.S Customs House"

Four Corners of the Law
Winter Afternoon on Broad
Berts Bar Hymans Restaurant

"Four Corners of the Law"

"Charleston Winter Afternoon"

"Bert's Bar"


Saint Philips Trolley on King At the Farmers Market Boccis Restaurant Queenstreetblossoms

"Trolley on King"

"At the Market"


"Queen Street Blossoms"

Elliot House
Rainbow Reflections
Stella Maris Church

"Elliot House"

"Rainbow Reflections"

"Stella Maris Church"

Vendue Inn
Citadel Chapel

"The Vendue Inn"

"The Citadel"

"The Citadel Chapel"


"Rooftop Entrance"

"Jasmine House Inn"

"Amen Street"

"Holy City Battery"

"Waterfont Park"

cadet on king Frances Marion Hotel Dockstreet Theater

"Cadet on King Street"

"Frances Marion Hotel"

"Dockstreet Theater"

  Broad Street Sunrise Braod Street Dawn

"Broad Street Sunrise"

"Broad Street at Dawn"

Shady Gates

"Shady Gates"

"Shrimp Boat Sunset"

Tellis Pharmacy Charleston SC US Customs House Charleston SC Battery Sunrise

"Tellis Pharmacy"

"U.S. Custom House"

"Battery Sunrise"

Hank's Seafood" Bicycle at Farmers Market City Market

"Hank's Seafood"

"Bicycle at Farmers Market"

"Charleston City Market Rooftops"

Charleston Single Charleston Single Legare Street wandering wando Rutledge House

"Charleston Patriot"

"Legare Street Single Vertical"

"Wandering Wando"

"The Rutledge House"

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September S.O.B.

"September S.O.B."

"Southend Brewery"

"Frances Marion Westin Hotel"

Berlins Nightscene on King 126 Church Street Church Street SOB

"Berlin's Night on King"

"126 Church Street"

"Church Street SOB"

Oak Steakhouse

"Riviera Theater"

"Oak Steakhouse"

"Shem Creek Shrimpers"

"Folly Beach"

"Surfing the Pier"

"Folly Beach Pier View"

In for a dip rd wagon Life Guard

"In for a Dip"

"That's Your Little Red Wagon"

"Lifeguard on Duty"

SC Surf IOP Beach Mother and Child

"SC Surf"

"Mother and Child at IOP Beach"

"Sullivans Light Tidal Marsh"

Charleston Gallery

Folly Beach Gallery

Isles of Palms Gallery

Shem Creek Gallery

Sullivans Island Gallery


Middlton Place River East Bay Morning

"Middlton Place River"

"East Bay Morning"

"Azalea Path"

"Rainbow Row Morning"

  Calhoun Mansion Charleston SC

"Waterfront Park Sunrise"


"Thomas Bennet House"

"Calhoun Mansion"


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King treet SunriseII


"King Street Sunrise"


"King Street Sunrise II"

Waters Edge Shem Creek "Shrimp and Grits" "Shrimper Dock"

"Water's Edge"

"Shrimp and Grits"

"Shrimper Dock"

Hibben Street pineapple med

"End of Hibben Street"


"Pineapple Portrait"

firestation rl ksat

"Charleston Fire Station"

"Rainbow Landscape"

"King Street Abstract"

"Wentworth Front Stairs"

"Queen Street Yellow"

"Garden Steeple"

"Shem Creek Bridge View"

"Anson Square Weaver"

"Shem Creek Away"

"Pitt Street Bridge Park"

Ravenal Bridge Sunset

"Charleston Morning"


"Charleston Place Courtyard"

"Skinners Dock"

"Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon"

"High Cotton Dixie Band"

"Blossoms Cafe"

"Fascinating Rhythm"

Carriage Horse Alley Legare Street Carriage Tour Tradd Street Carriage Tour

Horse Carriage Alley

Legare Street Carriage Tour

Tradd Street Carriage Tour

The Gazeebo at White Point Garden  

St. John's Cathedral

"Battery Gazeebo"

Legare Street Single


"French Huguenot Church"

"Courtyard Gate"

"55 Hasell Street"

Kiawah Beach Club Ocean Course Limited Edition Tommy Wannamaker Cup

"Kiawah Beach Club"

"Ocean Course Limited Edition"

"Rodman Wannamaker Cup"

Water's Edge Deck Bar High Cotton Tasty Thai King Street

"Water's Edge Deck Bar"

"High Cotton"

"Tasty Thai"

Palmetto Gate Charleston Pearlz Peninsula Grille

"Palmetto Gate"


"Peninsula Grille"

Lil Bounty Cherry Point Seafood

"Lil" Bounty"

"Cherry Point Seafood Fleet"

"Cherry Point Seafood"

Boone Hall Plantation Chery point landing

"Boone Hall Plantation"

"Cherry Point Landing"

"Rainbow Row North"

Summer Fun 82 Queen and Dazzles Palmetto Landing

"Summer Fun"

"82 Dazzles"

"Palmetto Landing"

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"John Street Morning"

"Fulton Alley"

"Circular Congregational"


"South End Patio"

"82 Dazzles"


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