Boston Art Gallery

"True Religion"

"New Era Art Fusions"
A mixture of traditional mediums like oils and acrylics with the evolving art technology.

Paul Silva Gallery Home

Back Bay Boston
Cafe Paradiso

"Back Bay"


"Cafe Paradiso"

Fenway Park

"Fenway Park -Top of the Sixth"

chinatown boston

"Newbury Street Springtime"


"Copley Square Lantern"

Paddy O's Old Books The Black Rose Tavern

"Paddy O's"

"Books and Old Prints"

"The Black Rose Tavern"

"The Prudential Tower"

1369 Coffee house Inman Square Quncy Market Boston Bell in hand tavern Boston

"1369 Coffee House"

"Quincy Market"

"The Bell in Hand Tavern"


The Snow Game
"TheTuck Rule Game"

  Westin View Green Dragon Tavern

"The Westin View"

"The Green Dragon Tavern"

"The Westin View Vertical"


"Boston Gardens Footbridge"


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